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Milk Earns Recognition with Two Shortlists to the Final in CA Awards 2024

1 Oct. 2023
Nouf Yamani


  1. Riyadh World Design Capital 

    Our project, "Riyadh World Design Capital's Identity," has caught the attention of the Communication Arts Awards judging panel. This nomination highlights our dedication to crafting compelling visual identities that resonate with the project's spirit. We are proud to have played a role in contributing to the aesthetic narrative of Riyadh as it aims to become a global design capital. 


230312_RWDC_ 2026_Logo R2.002.jpeg

  1. Boost

    "Boost" is another project where it's "Motion" has earned a coveted spot on the shortlist. This recognition in the motion category underscores our proficiency in bringing ideas to life through dynamic and engaging visuals. Our team's passion for storytelling and innovation shines through in this project, and we are honored to see it acknowledged by the Communication Arts Awards.



When a company’s brand and culture are aligned, they can reinforce each other’s strengths and create a virtuous cycle of success. For example, a company with a strong brand that promises exceptional customer service is more likely to have a culture that values and rewards employees who deliver on that promise. Similarly, a company with a culture that encourages innovation and risk-taking is likelier to have a brand that positions it as a leader in its industry.

Conversely, when a company’s brand and culture aren’t aligned, it can create a vicious cycle of failure. For example, a company with a brand that promises high-quality products but has a culture that prioritizes cost-cutting and efficiency may deliver subpar products and directly devalue the brand internally and externally.

At Milk Network® , we believe in the power of design and motion to create meaningful connections and lasting impressions. Being shortlisted for these awards reinforces our commitment.

Nouf Yamani — Content Creator/ Team Lead


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