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Core Fitness




Core Fitness




Core Fitness is an exclusive health and fitness center dedicated to helping its members achieve their best selves. The facility is renowned for its premium services and is a leading destination for health and fitness enthusiasts in Saudi Arabia and the MENA region. 


The objective was to develop an efficient wayfinding system that utilizes the physical spaces within the fitness center. This system aims to transform brand ideas, stories, and customer journeys into three-dimensional experiences that enhance both the environment and makes it more attractive to our target audience.

The Solution

A highly distinctive way-finding system was developed, utilizing stones as the foundation. The intention behind this creation was to achieve a perfect balance between human intervention and a natural ambiance. By incorporating stone materials, unique identification signs and communication materials were designed, exuding a sense of uniqueness.

Additionally, the stones will function as landmarks, elevating the memorability of the space. They will be engraved with motivational messages, enhancing the overall experience. To communicate the brand's exclusive and premium qualities, premium colors such as gold tones and shades of black have been employed. Moreover, a distinctive and customized iconography system has been implemented to ensure effective message delivery.

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What we did

A distinctive and premium way-finding system that will ensure our target audience engages easily with the brand.

  • Directional System
  • Landmark Design
  • Iconography System
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