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Cultural Talents Tournament


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Cultural Talents Tournament



Cultural Talents Tournament

MoC Cultural Talents Tournament is national competition launched by the Ministry of Culture in partnership with the Ministry of Education. It is the first of its kind in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and includes male and female students from elementary stages (fourth, fifth, sixth grades) and intermediate and secondary stages. 

The competition consists of six cultural tracks. It is based on the belief in the ability of the younger generation to be creative, excel, and participate in shaping a future rich in culture and arts by discovering authentic talents and supporting them through all forms of material and moral support.


Since this program is considered to be the first of its kind in the Kingdom, the aim was to launch it with a strong campaign that creatively communicates the purpose of the competition, the target audience personas, the prizes, and entices students to discover their talents and participate. The launch campaign was essentially the first communication used by the Ministry of Culture (MoC) and the Ministry of Education (MoE) to officially introduce the program.

The call to action needed to be clear, the target audience personas needed to be precise and on point, and the purpose of the ad was to make it usable in the future for upcoming versions or years of the program while sticking to the brand guidelines and brand personality. 

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The Solution

The solution was simply to reach every talented student with a unique tagline that clearly states, "Every talented student is wanted!"

The storyboard and script were carefully developed to align with the main brand messaging and personality while effectively communicating the competition objectives. We aimed to create something relatable to every student and teacher. As we all know, in every classroom, there is usually one or more unique and talented students who may not be the top academic performers but are considered exceptionally talented. We wanted to convey that being an A+ student is not a must - We believe that everyone is talented, and our goal is to discover and nurture their talents. 

To achieve this, the setting of the ad had to be actual local classrooms, and we utilized local talents and students to perfectly convey the campaign's message and achieve its objectives. 

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What we did

If you’re talented - you’re wanted! 

  • Campaign Concept and Rationale 
  • Benchmarks and References 
  • Campaign Script 
  • Campaign Storyboard 
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