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Desar is here to strengthen our connection with our culture by integrating it into our fashion and every day lifestyle. Our past is crucial to our present identity, and it is very essential to take pride in our roots and strong heritage. 

Desar’s focus is on creating and elevating unique and valuable products that are based on our culture, while also aligning with our modern and contemporary lifestyle. 


Desar, a renowned Saudi brand with a very rich heritage, faced a period of absence from the market due to intense competition and market copycats. To reclaim its position, Desar aimed to to reinvent itself as a lifestyle fashion brand to distinguish itself from traditional and classic competitors. 

To reach our goal, this involved developing a completely new brand strategy, identity, and communication approach. The goal was to curate a modern and captivating experience for customers, combining classic heritage with high quality timeless elegance.

Through this carefully developed process, Desar sought to make a strong come back and establish itself as a top player in the industry once again.

The Solution

The main goal was to establish a brand that truly resonates with Desar's audience. By adopting a user-centric approach, we delved deep into the fundamental aspects of their brand, realigning their Brand Culture (Purpose, Vision, Mission, Values, and Essence), as well as their Brand Positioning and Brand Personality.

Desar's Brand DNA was successfully defined, providing a rock-solid foundation for the development of a powerful and compelling brand identity.


The new identity featured a handmade calligraphy-based logo, reflecting Desar's authentic and cultural brand personality. A modern serif typeface harmonized with Arabic typography, highlighting the brand's youthful and modern side. The color palette blended heritage with trendy colors. Unique brand elements and patterns were created to differentiate Desar's products.

An annual communication strategy was developed, encompassing a strong launch and aligning with Desar's objectives for the following year.

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What we did

A solid foundation, supported with a handmade iconic calligraphy-based logo, elevated with a strong annual communication strategy. 

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  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Communication Strategy
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