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(Levels) is a local Saudi company that specializes in contracting and furnishing services for hotels and commercial projects. Their journey began in 2008, and since then, they have consistently proven their worth and ability through their commitment to delivering professional work based on quality and speed. 

(Levels) is guided by a very ambitious and efficient leadership vision, which has enabled them to collaborate with some of the largest local and international companies. Their headquarters are located in Jeddah, while their projects extend throughout the Kingdom.


Levels, as a brand, had a very traditional approach. It was named after the owner and carried an old-fashioned style when it comes to presence. The primary objective was to significantly enhance the brand's presence in the market, elevate it to new heights, and establish it as a powerful and timeless brand.

The Solution

The project began with an in-depth understanding session to assess the brand's current and future presence. A naming exercise was conducted, resulting in the selection of "Levels" as the brand name. This name was chosen for its alignment with the construction industry, evoking the concept of varying levels of construction.

Extensive research guided our objective of creating a visually striking design that complements the construction field. Incorporating an architecturally inspired cutoff in the brand's letter symbolizes a theme of levels. 

This approach was effective in developing a balanced way-finding system with minimal illustrations. We used contrasting colors and a bold icon to spark conversations. This successful technique positioned Levels strategically.

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What we did


  • Logo Design
  • Way-finding
  • Stationary Design
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