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Nana Brand Transition


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Nana, a Saudi-based grocery delivery platform, underwent a complete rebranding exercise with the goal of strengthening its leadership position in the market and driving nationwide expansion. 


As part of our partnership with Nana, we have developed their new brand identity, which introduces Nana "the camel" emblem. The emblem is inspired by the celebrated qualities of reliability, faithfulness, strength, patience, and the ability of camels to reach their destinations. Nana not only entertains people but also serves their needs. Nana performs his job with love and excitement. By associating the brand with a character, we aim to create an emotional connection between people and the character, making Nana their daily life companion. 

The objective was to create a transition video that effectively communicates Nana's rebranding exercise, guiding people from the old brand to the new brand in a visually captivating and attention-grabbing manner. Additionally, we aimed to use the transition video to introduce Nana's new personality and brand values, ensuring that viewers are not only drawn to the visual appeal but also gain an understanding of the updated character and the values that the brand embodies.

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The Solution

The objective of this campaign was to create a strong first impression for the new brand. Our goal was to introduce the camel character in a way that immediately resonates with people and conveys the essence of the new brand concept.

To achieve this, we employed a modern 2D animation style, utilizing distinctive perspective angles to create a sense of natural movement and seamless transitions. The landscape depicted in the animation video drew inspiration from buildings in Saudi Arabia. Throughout the video, we strategically incorporated Nana's new colors, using them in a smart and impactful manner. The background illustrations were kept simple to ensure that the spotlight remained on the camel, who served as the main hero of the video.

Our intention was to showcase the camel's playful and jester-like personality through fun and natural gestures. For example, we highlighted the transition from a regular driver to the camel, and included moments where the camel engaged in "high-fives" to add a touch of natural charm to the video.

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What we did

Nana; Introducing the Camel!

  • Research and Benchmarking 
  • Campaign Concepts and Rationales 
  • Script and Storyboard 
  • Sonic Branding  
  • Production Supervision 
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