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Oli is a prestigious Saudi brand known for its exceptional quality oil, carefully crafted from the finest Italian olives. This superior olive oil is extracted directly from olives using purely mechanical methods, ensuring its purity and excellence. 

Oli is the ideal choice for cooking and baking, adding a touch of excellence to every culinary creation.


The aim was to build a brand from the ground up, beginning with the name and extending to the visual identity and packaging. It was imperative to develop a robust brand that effectively communicates the exceptional quality, purity, and excellence of Oli as a product.

We wanted to position it as the ultimate choice for individuals seeking premium olive oil of the finest quality, specifically for cooking and baking purposes.

The Solution

We conducted a thorough naming process, ultimately selecting the name "Oli," derived from the first three letters of the word "Olive." This choice instantly conveys a sense of premium brand appeal. 

Once the naming stage was complete, we developed a distinct brand typeface complemented by a unique symbol inspired by Italian olive trees and the droplets of olive oil. The typeface was carefully customized to align with the brand's personality and promise.

What we did

A Prestigious Local Olive Oil Brand.

  • Brand Naming 
  • Visual Identity
  • Packaging
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