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The Ages Restaurant




The Ages Restaurant is a new restaurant that will be open in Dubai Blue Waters, it offers Spanish, Tunisian and Moroccan cuisine with a unique twist, providing guests with a tasteful dining experience. As a dine-in establishment, we prioritize the significance of creating memorable associations through our unique approach to dining.


The objective was to create a distinctive visual identity that effectively captures the essence of the restaurant, its unique dining experience, and its delectable cuisine. The visual identity needed to be impactful and communicate the restaurant's offerings without the need for words.

The Solution

We embarked on this project by crafting a distinctive emblem inspired by the ingenuity and refinement of Andalusian culture. The emblem's organic design, reminiscent of stone carvings, which links perfectly with Andalusian artifacts. It symbolizes a Khalifa and his trusted allies, representing The Ages' chefs working collaboratively to ensure the quality and taste of Spanish, Tunisian, and Moroccan cuisine. To create contrast, we paired the emblem with a sleek San Serif font, adding structure to the logo.

What we did

Andalusian Artifacts inspired Identity.

  • Visual Identity
  • Interior Design
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