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Branding Scene In KSA

4 Apr. 2024
Insights & Reflection
Yaseen Bashmail




Not long ago in the late 90s, Saudi had a very limited reputation as the country of endless desert floating on a well of oil with a minor population known for its strong purchase power and consumption of imported goods, it was also known for Islamic sites as it has the two holly mosques. 

However, there was always a united vision among Saudi’s leaders with a particular focus on the creation of a complete educational eco-system with the objective of diversifying the national scientific, political, and commercial portfolio.

Fast-forward to the 2000s, the international scholarship program nearly reached 150k Saudi students getting their higher education from more than 30 countries at its best universities. 

Such a vision and its programs exposed Saudi youngsters to the world, grasping the knowledge of different cultures, environments & experiences. 



The Transition 

With a highly educated young nation, thirsty for transformation and modernization, the ambitious Vision 2030 was born and introduced by the young leader HRH Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman. A vision that tackles so many national and international aspects to reposition the kingdom and rectify the global perception as a nation of peace, progress, futuristic mindset, and a solid global partner for shared resources and mutually beneficial trades. 

This transition required a national rebrand to drive the movement and interact with all different target audiences. 

The Link 

So one might ask, how is this vision and change related to the world of branding?

Let’s start by defining the word branding. Some might think it is the logo, some might assume it is the visuals or the designs, and the list goes on. This misperception is now long gone as the vision advances day by day, as people clearly know that branding is the process of changing perceptions, it is the link between ideas and reality.

The time has come to implement a true branding process, as a cultural movement supported by a variety of tools like strategies, design, visuals, communications, events, collaborations, and many more. 


giga project.webp

The Impact

A full transformation with a national mindset, and a deep realization that such an ambition comes with great responsibilities. So it all started by maximizing the efforts and professionalism of all governmental entities as well as related parties. The change was driven by building a sustainable culture for each entity, followed by linked activities to deliver each brand’s true values and promise through services, solutions, design, communications, collaborations, activations, PR, and more. 

An example of early governmental adopters; NTP2020, Ada’a,, Raqmi, MOC, and more. 

We have also witnessed the announcement of futuristic giga-projects such as Neom, The Red Sea, Qiddiya, and more. In addition to multiple major enablers such as the Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Sports, PIF, General Entertainment Authority and all of which have created a healthy diversified eco-system for Saudi brands in corporate investment, entertainment, hospitality, sports, education, innovation, technology, Art, creativity, retail and many other sectors. It also enabled local start-ups to expand and compete regionally and internationally such as Tamara, Nana, Kareem.. 

Today, Saudi is a global landmark and a highly desired destination, attracting those who share the same vision, and values and seek exceptional experiences. 

Such a reputation can only be achieved mostly through the right mindsets, branding process, and tools. 


Our Contribution 

Being a local firm, our duty is to support such cultural transformation to align brand strategies with our nation’s vision. We believe in branding as a movement that translates thoughts into actionable steps and resonates with the brand's audiences. We take pride in being part of this positive change, and we consider ourselves lucky to witness such an advanced era of the branding scene in the Kingdom.

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