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Milk Network at the Creative Industry Summit

28 May. 2024
Dina Dallal


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As part of Milk Network's mission to grow and enrich the branding philosophy in the region, our COO and Director of Branding, Fadel Shaath, recently participated as a speaker at the 2024 “Creative Industry Summit” in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia from May 21-23.

The Creative Industry Summit is an annual event that started in 2014. It aims to promote creativity by showcasing thousands of speakers and presenting hundreds of hours of content to shape the future of the creative economy in a collaborative and practical manner. The summit provides a space for attendees ranging from students to CEOs to exchange inspiring stories and innovative ideas that have come to fruition. This was the first year the event was held in Riyadh.

Milk Network’s COO and Director of Branding took part in the "Building a Brand Story" panel, alongside experienced industry experts. The panel aimed to raise awareness about the importance of branding, the challenges and changes it faces, promising developments and transformations, as well as inspiring brand stories and case studies.

During the panel, Fadel emphasized the importance of thoroughly understanding the brand's target audience before crafting a brand story. This involves creating detailed customer personas and analyzing how they should think, act, and feel when exposed to the brand. This deep understanding of the target audience is the foundation for building a brand story that truly resonates and succeeds in the market.

The 2024 Creative Industry Summit provided a valuable platform for Milk Network to share its expertise and insights on the evolving landscape of branding and its crucial role in shaping the future of the creative economy in the region.

In my view, the 2030 Saudi Vision has crafted one of the most powerful and compelling brand stories we've seen - It has created a unifying vision that has aligned stakeholders from diverse sectors - including entertainment, education, tourism, healthcare, technology, and beyond - to work towards a shared set of ambitious goals for the kingdom's future. The clarity of purpose, dynamic nature, and inclusive approach of the 2030 Vision have been key to aligning the entire ecosystem and inspiring everyone to be a part of Saudi Arabia's transformative journey.

Fadel Shaath

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