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Milk Network x Art Jameel Join Forces

29 Feb. 2024
Abdullah Najar


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Milk, renowned for its expertise in creating Wayfinding and Environmental branding systems, has joined forces with Art Jameel to enhance the indie film visitors experience at Hayy Cinema, one of the prime areas of Hayy Jameel. This collaboration aims to elevate the cinematic experience by creating an immersive environment that celebrates unique and intellectually stimulating films.

Hayy Cinema is defined by its unique approach of curated and research-oriented film content that intends to nurture the audience in an atmosphere of curiosity and exclusivity and acts as a beneficiary for both filmmakers and cinephiles. It provides a dedicated space for filmmakers to present their films and gain exposure while offering cinephiles a special venue to watch unique and intellectually stimulating films. In the next 5-10 years, Hayy Cinema aspires to become a beacon and landmark for the indie film community. 

As Hayy Cinema aspires to become a beacon for the indie film community, Milk and Hayy Cinema collaboration will play a vital role in fostering an atmosphere of creativity, exclusivity, and discovery. Through careful observation and analysis of the space, Milk will examine all user experience touchpoint and pain points to identify all the flaws in the current experience and truly understand the space from the users point of view.

With this deep understanding of the space in hand, Milk set out to develop a comprehensive Wayfinding and Environmental branding system that aims to translate Hayy Cinema’a vision into reality, ensuring that Hayy Cinema becomes a captivating haven for indie film lovers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Shaping the future of Hayy Cinema one touchpoint at a time. Ensuring an exceptional experience for Indie film community.

Abdullah Najar | Senior Brand Relations Manager


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