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Everyone is equal in the eyes of fun! 

Boost is the largest entertainment center in Jeddah with over 100 games for the entire family. Games include VR, Vending Machines, Soft Play Area, Arcade Games, and much more.  

Boost is your go-to destination whenever you are looking for  a chance to spend family quality time, try new exciting experiences, and build long-lasting memories. 


After officially acquiring the business, our client sought a rebranding and a renaming solution that would preserve the existing market equity while adapting to the new business model. The challenge was to create a new brand identity that reflected the essence of the brand while appealing to a wide range of customers in KSA. 

The primary objective was to establish and position the new brand as a provider of high-quality accessible entertainment for everyone. While also creating an engaging environment that would attract fun seekers of all ages and become the go-to destination for exciting experiences in KSA. 

The Solution

To meet the objective, a comprehensive rebranding effort was undertaken for the acquired business, resulting in the creation of "Boost," a vibrant and animated brand direction. The brand name "Boost" was chosen to reflect the exhilarating experiences offered to visitors. 

The bilingual logo design embodied the brand's playful and colorful essence, utilizing circles to represent a fun-filled environment for families. With its memorable and engaging brand identity, Boost successfully positioned itself as a top-quality and accessible destination for exciting experiences.

Through the rebranding efforts, the former brand “Smaash” successfully transformed into “Boost”, an indoor family entertainment center that offers high-quality, accessible entertainment for all in KSA. The new brand positioning captured the essence of Boost.

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What we did

A Joyful and Engaging Brand Identity 

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Naming
  • Brand Identity
  • Environmental Design
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