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Cultural Talents Tournaments


Visual Identity, Naming


Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Education




The MOC Cultural Talents Tournament, launched by the Ministry of Culture in partnership with the Ministry of Education, is a unique national competition in Saudi Arabia. It engages male and female students from elementary to secondary stages, with six cultural tracks.   

The tournament aims to discover and support authentic talents, empowering the younger generation to shape a culturally rich future through creativity and excellence.


Since this program is the first of its kind in the Kingdom, the aim was to create a strong brand from scratch that would help the client deliver on its communication and program objectives. The goal was to introduce the program, raise awareness, and encourage male and female students to participate by showcasing their creative talents.

The program was designed to discover promising student talents within the cultural tracks, develop those skills and talents, and empower participants with the necessary material and moral support to produce creative cultural outputs throughout the program stages.

Our primary target audience included male and female students aged 6 to 18, as well as educational administrative staff, teachers, and parents throughout Saudi Arabia. The brand needed to be fun and dynamic to effectively communicate with our target audience, while also reflecting the program's brand personality as “Jester”, “Creative” and “Visionary.”  To support the brand’s launch plans, we were also assigned to work on the launch campaign’s script and storyboard in support of multiple short tactical videos to communicate the cultural tracks. 

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As soon as we began working on this brand, we initiated an interactive internal workshop to discuss the program's goals, objectives, details, and personality.

Our first task was to come up with a strong and captivating name that succinctly explains the competition and its purpose. After proposing multiple name options, accompanied by explanations based on the brand's personality parameter, we ultimately settled on ”مسابقة المهارات الثقافية“.

Moving forward, we delved into developing the brand identity, drawing inspiration from Arabic freestyle calligraphy. As we all know, the Arabic language embodies power, art, and culture. We opted for a custom freestyle typeface that is both visually appealing and distinctive. The letters were extensively customized, exuding a sense of freedom that allows the brand to stand out. We specifically played with many letters, specially the letter "ت" to give it a resemblance to a smiley face, highlighting the "Joyful" and "Fun" personality traits. This smiley face can also serve as an icon to complement the typeface and potentially stand on its own once we establish brand equity.

Arabic bold and prominent freestyle fonts have been successfully employed in movie posters, theater productions, cultural magazines, and music publications, serving as a memorable element that leaves a lasting impression and reflects the event's identity. We adopted this approach to help us build a brand that is memorable and ingrained in our target audience's memory.

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What we did

Arabic Language embodies power, art, and culture.

  • Benchmarking 
  • Naming
  • Visual Identity
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