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Milk Network Wins at Communication Arts' 65th Design Annual

7 Jun. 2024
Dina Dallal



Milk Network's very own "The White Book" has been announced as a winner in the prestigious Communication Arts 65th Design Annual Competition. This honor recognizes the creative excellence and exceptional execution of Milk Network's work in the "Editorial" category.

"The White Book" is thoughtfully named, drawing inspiration from Milk Network's core values. Just as “Milk” represents purity, nourishment, and growth, the name reflects the company's commitment to fostering a culture of continuous growth and supporting its people. With a minimalist design approach, the book combines form and function seamlessly.

Communication Arts is a renowned professional journal celebrating the best in design, advertising, photography, illustration, interactive media, and typography. This highly selective competition received 2,960 entries, with only 143 projects selected. This makes the Communication Arts Design Annual the most exclusive major design competition globally.

The award-winning "The White Book" from Milk Network will be featured in the September/October 2024 issue of Communication Arts, which boasts a worldwide distribution exceeding 25,000 copies.

Milk Network's prestigious win at the Communication Arts 65th Design Annual solidifies its reputation as a design leader, inspiring others to reach new heights of creative excellence.

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