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Milk X Saudi Lime — A Future Collaboration Towards Sustainable Growth

1 Jun. 2021
Ayman Al Somali
Haya Al Jamal


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Leading the Way in the Limestone Sector

Saudi Lime stands as a prominent leader in the lime and limestone product supply industry. With operations since 1977 in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the company has emerged as the largest entity within the limestone sector.

In pursuit of elevating the brand's overall image, Milk Network and Saudi Lime have embarked on a comprehensive rebranding practice, aiming to reflect the brand’s strong heritage and legacy onto a new and refreshed look and feel. 

The Branding Workshop

The journey commenced with a branding workshop, bringing together all relevant stakeholders to delve deep into the limestone industry. This collaborative session aimed to identify the challenges faced by Saudi Lime while envisioning the future, aligning the branding process not only with the brand itself, but also with the Saudi Vision 2030. The workshop addressed the brand's target audience, market positioning, and provided a glimpse into the brand's future culture and brand attributes.

Following the branding workshop, the strategy department at Milk Network will assimilate all the gathered insights to forge a comprehensive brand strategy tailored specifically for Saudi Lime. Subsequently, the design department will commence the meticulous process of crafting the brand identity, drawing inspiration from the strategic insights obtained during the brand strategy phase. This approach ensures a robust brand development trajectory in line with the organization's future aspirations.

Charting a Roadmap Across All Touchpoints

Lastly, Milk Network will orchestrate the brand communication by charting a roadmap across all touchpoints. This entails the development of a communication strategy that exemplifies the brand's accurate engagement with the target audience while implementing the newly defined Brand DNA.

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