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Milk Network Takes the Global Stage: Branding the WTA Finals Riyadh 2024

26 Jun. 2024
Dina Dallal


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Milk Network announces its collaboration with the Ministry of Sports and the Saudi Tennis Federation (STF) to work on the branding of the renowned and esteemed WTA (Women's Tennis Association) Finals happening in Riyadh from November 2-9, 2024.

This prestigious annual event, which was previously hosted in cities like Cancun and Shenzhen, will now feature the top 8 singles players and doubles teams in the race to the WTA Finals Riyadh for the next three editions of the WTA Finals from 2024 to 2026.

Milk Network's involvement in the WTA Finals in Riyadh aligns perfectly with the company's commitment to growing people, communities, and industries. As this international event aims to strengthen the sports industry in the Kingdom and empower women and young athletes everywhere to pursue their dreams.

Tennis is not just a vision, it's a reality. The WTA is more than just a tournament, it's an experience to uncover great potential.

Areej Almotabaqani, Head of Saudi Tennis Federation

In developing the "Riyadh24" branding for the WTA Finals, Milk Network's goal is to promote Riyadh by capturing the city's identity, diversity, and the contrast of its vibrant culture. This is achieved through a modern and dynamic design that reflects the energy and movement of Riyadh. 


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Under the theme of "Legacies Unite", the rich culture and legacy of Riyadh is coming together with the strong history of the WTA. The Riyadh24 branding is inspired by the city's beautiful and vibrant atmosphere, resulting in a design that is rich, colorful, bold, dynamic, and future-focused. Milk Network aims to showcase Riyadh's unique character on the global stage of the prestigious WTA Finals.

This partnership exemplifies Milk's commitment to supporting the growth and development of the sports industry, empowering women, inspiring rising athletes, and creating a lasting impact on the global stage.

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