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Established in 1976, Saudia Dairy and Foodstuff Company (SADAFCO) has become a leading food manufacturer, seller and distributor based in Saudi Arabia with operations across the Middle East. The company is a market leader in Saudi Arabia in Long Life Milk, Tomato Paste and Ice Cream, marketing its core products under its flagship brand Saudia.



The back-to-school season is a crucial time for most, if not all, FMCG brands. It is important to develop a solid campaign that appeals to parents and students. The goal of the campaign is to engage parents and children, encouraging them to purchase Saudia Milk and include it in their lunchboxes. 


As Saudia Milk is a well-known brand with a nostalgic appeal, famous for its unique taste and cherished memories, the campaign should evoke nostalgia and instantly connect with people, reminding them of the brand and the positive experiences associated with it.

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The Solution

We developed a powerful and nostalgic campaign that incorporated a widely recognized and famous jingle, known across multiple generations. The jingle's lyrics were customized to align perfectly with the Saudia Milk brand, creating a beautiful rhyme that resonated with people and left a lasting impression. The combination of the familiar jingle and Saudia Milk's strong brand reputation ensured the success of this campaign.

We paid careful attention to the visual elements of the campaign, ensuring they were locally relevant and aligned with the target audience's persona and brand personality. The cast was thoughtfully selected, and the scenes effectively portrayed the brand's values.

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What we did

A nostalgic campaign using a very famous jingle to instantly connect with people and make sure they are reminded of the brand and the positive experiences associated with it.

  • Campaign Concept and Rationale 
  • Script and Storyboard 
  • Supporting Content 
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