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Barn's Cafe




Each cup has a story, and so does Barn’s. Since 1992, Barn’s has been the destination for authentic coffee. 

Barn’s witnessed the progressive era within the Kingdom, and marked their presence as the first coffee shop drive thru and one of the first and most favorite local coffee brands. 

They have more than 200 coffee shops in multiple cities offering a diversity of products ranging from roasted coffee beans, bakery savories and customizable beverage options. At Barns, coffee is an experience that is unparalleled. 


Considering that Barn’s is the first contemporary, yet fully home-grown specialty coffee brand in Saudi Arabia. The brand always needs to explore the market and invest the right time in their products range and brand experience to make sure that the brand equity is maintained.

With the rise of competition in the coffee sector in Saudi Arabia, specially when it comes to small kiosks or drive thru, Barn’s felt the need for a rebranding experience that aims to maintain the brand equity they were able to build since 1992, but at the same time update to a modern, more appealing visual identity that is able to live on for the generations to come and also stand out amongst competitors and copycats in the market. 

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The Solution

Several understanding sessions were conducted to ensure proper briefing and alignment.

Based on research studies, the name was changed from BarnsCafe to Barn's to make it shorter and simpler, while maintaining a connection with the original name familiar to the Saudi market, "Barnie's."

A modern and dynamic identity was developed to resonate with the target audience. The identity features a customized Arabic and English typeface. The Latin typeface adopts a "No caps" approach to align it with the Arabic typeface. Considering the brand's focus on small kiosks, a modern, concise, and easily readable typeface was created to ensure legibility from both close and far distances.

Recently, Barn’s also announced the opening of its first branch for specialized and premium coffee called “Barn’s X”, this expresses the beginning of a new journey and a unique experience. From Bernie’s’ to BarnCafe to Barn’s X, the cafe’ has been known for it’s quality of coffee and unforgettable experiences. 

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