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Nana Launching- Everyday Struggle


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Nana, a Saudi-based grocery delivery platform, underwent a complete rebranding exercise with the goal of strengthening its leadership position in the market and driving nationwide expansion.


Nana underwent a comprehensive rebranding exercise, encompassing several key elements. A significant aspect was the development of a new brand strategy centered around a clear vision: "To make everyday life easy, hassle-free, and accessible for everyone... literally, everyone." Additionally, the brand essence was refined to embody the concept of Nana the Camel being "Your daily-life companion."

To ensure a powerful resurgence of the brand, a complete relaunch campaign was undertaken. This campaign aimed to effectively showcase Nana's distinctive brand personality, which is characterized by a primary personality of the "Jester" and a secondary personality of the "Hero." 

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The Solution

With our brand strategy as the foundation for all decisions, we embarked on the launch campaign stage. Our primary focus was to establish a genuine connection between the campaign and real-life personas while seamlessly aligning them with our brand personality.

To effectively resonate and bring value to their everyday lives, we strove to communicate clearly with our target personas. Our ultimate goal was to provide peace of mind, assuring them that they need not worry about groceries—leaving it all to us.

In line with the "Jester" personality, we opted for a custom-made jingle that effortlessly lingers in the mind. Complementing this, we embraced a fun art direction approach, perfectly aligned with the playful nature of the "Jester."

Timing played a crucial role, and we strategically launched the TV commercial just before the start of the Ramadan season. This timing was essential to maximize our results and capture the attention of as many individuals as possible.

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What we did

Nana; a Hassle-Free Shopping Experience

  • Research and Benchmarking 
  • Campaign Concepts and Rationales 
  • Script and Storyboard 
  • Custom made Jingle 
  • Production Supervision 
  • Supporting Social Media Content
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