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Space & Co offers wooden solutions for multiple spaces using smart technologies and a variety of high-quality materials and unique designs. 

Their product range include laundry rooms, bedrooms, work desks, TV desks, kitchen cabinets, side tables, all kinds of cabinets, accessories and accessories, and more.


The objective was to establish a distinctive visual identity that effectively showcases the brand, its offerings, and its core values. Our goal was to create a visually striking identity that is contemporary, vibrant, and enduring.

The Solution

We embarked on this project by conducting a comprehensive analysis of the brand's existing presence, stores, locations, and product offerings. Our next step involved a detailed naming exercise, ultimately leading us to select the name "Space & Co."

We crafted a complete visual identity. We opted for a distinctive English typeface, complemented by an icon featuring a hanger creatively merged with the symbol "&." This design choice was inspired by the company's primary offerings, namely closets.

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What we did

A Timeless Visual Identity

  • Visual Identity
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