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Saudi Lime


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Saudi Lime




Saudi Lime, From Land to Land.

Saudi Lime is committed to unlocking the full potential of the hidden wealth of our most precious land for generations to come. Saudi Lime ensures the investment in our land for the benefit of both the land itself and its people, contributing to the achievement of the 2030 goals related to the mining sector. This also paves the way for non-oil sectors to flourish and prosper more than ever before.


Saudi Lime has a rich history, but it has long been considered a neglected brand in terms of design and strategy. Our challenge was to help people recognize the significance of limestone and its impact on our daily lives. The goal for the new brand strategy and identity was to develop a fresh vision and mission, accompanied by well-defined objectives, target audience personas, brand positioning, and brand personality.

Previously, the brand had a predominantly industrial feel. Our task was to transform it into a brand that is centered around humanity, life, community, and the environment.

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Our partnership began with a proactive approach, actively immersing ourselves in the client's brand to gain a comprehensive understanding. Through an interactive workshop, we delved into the brand's mission, vision, personality, market positioning, target audience, and the desired brand experience for those engaging with Saudi Lime, considering its illustrious history.

The brand's purpose was defined as embracing the motherland and building its future. The tagline "From Land to Land" captures the essence of the brand. 

The logo design incorporates rocks arranged symmetrically to form the letter "S," symbolizing the brand's name and the Kingdom. The composition represents responsibility, consistency, fluidity, and harmony, reflecting sustainability and responsible mining. 

The modern Arabic and English typeface, along with an earthy color palette inspired by water, life, greenery, sand, and stones, completes the brand identity.

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Saudi Lime: From Land to Land.

This rebranding activity took the brand to entirely new horizons, aiming to effectively shift the market's perception and awareness of limestone within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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