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KAEC Ventures




KAEC Ventures is the emerging hub for entrepreneurship in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Its primary goal is to support entrepreneurs in launching and growing their projects. It offers a range of services, including legal consultations, accounting and financial services, consulting and mentoring sessions, strategy development, and marketing and management assistance. 

Additionally, KAEC Ventures facilitates connections between entrepreneurs and investors, providing access to investment opportunities. It also fosters networking opportunities by organizing business-related events and seminars.


The goal was to create a unique visual identity for a sub-brand that aligns with the brand guidelines and personality of KAEC as the mother brand. The resulting visual identity effectively communicates the sub-brand's distinctiveness while maintaining a connection to the overall brand image.

The Solution

To empower small companies and entrepreneurs, the project for KAEC Ventures began with an understanding session and data collection. The initial steps involved familiarizing ourselves with the KAEC brand guidelines and gaining a deep understanding of the concept behind KAEC Ventures. This foundation laid the groundwork for the development of a strong and easily comprehensible visual identity.

The visual identity concept drew inspiration from continuous movement and intelligent innovation, driven by excellence. We visualized the journey of a successful enterprise, emphasizing positive change at every step to reflect a forward-looking mindset.

For the typography, we chose a distinctive typeface where the thickness increases with each subsequent letter. This design choice symbolizes the progressive nature of starting and growing a new business.

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What we did

KAEC Ventures: The Emerging Hub for Entrepreneurship in KSA. 

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