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In the heart of Saudi Arabia, Lamb, or "لام," promises to redefine culinary traditions. This brand blends the heritage of Saudi cuisine with Western cooking techniques, particularly the South American-inspired Asadu method. 

Lamb aimed to establish a strong, memorable identity as a cloud kitchen that caters to those who love hosting gatherings, seeking to impress their guests with exceptional food.


The challenge was clear: providing Arabic tradition with Western innovation. Lamb's unique selling point lies in its Asadu technique, setting it apart in a competitive food delivery market. Furthermore, they aspired to target an A to B-class audience while maintaining mass appeal.


We integrated elegant Arabic typography "لام" to reflect Lamb's Arabic identity along with subtle elements in its branding that resemble the Saudi culture. Earthy desert tones and vibrant reds completed the color palette. We ensured strong branding across all materials, emphasizing the brand's sophistication and culinary innovation.

In addition, we developed carefully crafted messages that celebrated the brand's locality and authenticity, bringing out the rich flavors of Saudi cuisine and its traditional roots. This local touch would serve as a distinguishing feature, making Lamb a culinary choice and a cultural experience.

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In crafting Lamb's visual identity, we successfully united Saudi tradition with Western flair while emphasizing the brand's authentic, local roots. Our goal was to create a strong, classy brand appealing to gatherings. 

Through this fusion of heritage, modernity, and local flavor, Lamb now stands as a symbol of unforgettable taste and culinary artistry, leaving a lasting impression on those who savor its offerings - a brand narrative inviting Saudi Arabia to embrace tradition with a modern twist and a delicious taste of local delight.

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