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Quantum, a Saudi brand that’s objective is reflected through the company’s name which is to carry out many small and unseen marketing activities using customer demand, data, and technology. Passionate about unlocking the e-commerce media potential, the Quantum platform uses automated algorithms to optimize business results and increase  client’s profitability. 


The old identity did not match the brand’s vision nor its main personality characteristics which are “Young”, “Youthful”, “Futuristic” and “Smart”. It was a very generic emblem that is not distinguished when placed amongst different logo typefaces. The color palette used was pastel, which doesn’t reflect the tech futuristic part of the business, and it was using an all Caps typeface which also doesn’t reflect the intelligent, youthful, and friendly characteristics of the brand.

The Solution

Quantum’s algorithm is a fusion between artificial intelligence and human behavior, and this was the main inspiration behind the new identity. 

The new Identity developed for Quantum is a dynamic and futuristic representation. The logotype showcases a unique customization of each letter, symbolizing the connection between humans and machines and the harmony between organic and systematic geometrics. We used a bold, yet youthful look and feel. As for the color palette, we went for the tech Green and Blue as primary, with the support of a variety of vibrant colors for secondary usages. 

Inspired by the logo type, we were also able to work on a very unique symbol using the letter “Q” to be used in application icons, profile pictures and other small adaptations. 

The identity is now considered to be very distinguished and timeless, it perfectly matches the brand’s personality traits when it comes to all brand elements.

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What we did

A dynamic and futuristic logo type supported with a very distinguished symbol.

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