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The Royal Institute of Traditional Arts


Visual Identity, Web Design


Ministry of Culture




Art connects physical, social, and emotional elements to create a sense of belonging to one’s identity and heritage. 

The Royal Institute of Traditional Arts (TRITA) works to represent the culture of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by narrating the artistic history and stories of traditional artworks and telling the stories of those artists, in addition to preserving the originality of these arts and encouraging those who are interested in them to learn, develop, and master Arts.


In alignment with the vision 2030, TRITA was strategically designed to address the gap in the education and training in the heritage sector in KSA. TRITA aspires to be the top-of-mind destination for learning, enriching, and preserving Saudi Traditional Arts locally and internationally. It aims to offer distinguished educational programs in traditional arts and culture. The brand is very passionate and it aims to redefine the world’s understanding of traditional arts. 

In order for TRITA to own its position as the main hub in the heritage and arts educational sector at a local and international level. We needed to develop a simple yet impactful visual identity that represents the brand’s most valuable traits which are “strong”, “elegant”, and “authentic”.

The Solution

Through an in-depth analysis of strategic materials and market research, we gained a solid foundation of understanding. This included examining competitors, references, and benchmarks. By doing so, we successfully connected the strategy with the visual identity and identified TRITA's unique personality.

Subsequently, a fresh and dynamic visual identity direction was developed to stimulate all five senses. The concept of a distinguished stamp frame was employed to evoke a sense of origin and embrace diverse cultural genres, both locally in Saudi Arabia and globally.

We also went for a customized typeface to compliment the unique symbol, the typeface beautifully combines between authenticity and modernity to ensure the link with the brand’s personality and vision. The color palette was also carefully selected to reflect the identity and show how TRITA embraces all kinds of Saudi Traditional Arts and Cultures. 

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What we did

Culture and Humans: The evolution of 5 senses engagement. 

  • Bridge the Gap Session
  • Brand Identity
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