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Project Overview

Thmanyah is a leading Saudi media technology company that develops tools to enhance Arabic content in the region. With a portfolio of over 20 products, including articles, newsletters, documentaries, and podcasts, Thmanyah aims to document life in Arab societies and transform the culture of media journalism. The content covers a wide range of topics, from culture and cinema to health, lifestyle, and finance. 

Thmanyah is recognized as the most widespread podcast network in the Arab world and is also the largest producer of documentary films in Saudi Arabia. Recently, they launched the "Radio Thmanyah" application dedicated to listening to Arabic and international podcast programs, in addition to their new website that enables content creators to publish original Arabic content and exchange knowledge.

The Challenge

Born from the belief that as Arabs and Saudis, we possess the knowledge, local talents, and content to compete with the largest media companies worldwide, Thmanyah anticipates significant growth and the introduction of new products and sub-brands to facilitate this expansion. 

To keep pace with this projected growth, Thmanyah's creative team collaborated with Milk Network to enhance their existing brand identity and develop a comprehensive visual solution that enables seamless and flexible ecosystem growth in a cost-efficient manner.

The Solution

Crafting a new master-brand for the region's most widespread Arabic podcast network, the partnership commenced with a strategic understanding and analysis session. This was followed by a competitive and benchmark analysis to effectively position Thmanyah in the market and plan for their growth.

Drawing from the insights gained during our research sessions, we embarked on a collaborative effort to develop a visual solution. Given Thmanyah's objective of enriching Arabic content locally and globally, it was crucial for the visual solution to be deeply rooted in the local culture and support their brand promise.

The focus is on establishing a strong "mental connection" between the brand symbol and name by creating a monogram symbol that instantly resonates with the target audience, and instantly brings the name "Thmanyah" to their minds. By incorporating a non-Latin number, the design maintains a distinctive and local cultural identity. The result is a highly original symbol that remains simple yet distinguished.

In conjunction with the symbol, the Arabic logotype is enhanced and modernized while preserving its essence. Working closely with Thmanyah's creative team and renowned type designer "Wael Morcos" the new Arabic logotype is customized to match the style of the symbol.

A new, dynamic, and flexible color palette and typography system aligns with the upgraded visual identity of Thmanyah, offering flexibility for its sub-brands and products while maintaining the brand equity.

What we did

Thmanyah’s Rebranding Journey; Culturally Rooted and Future Focused

  • Strategy Alignment Session
  • Visual Identity
  • Way-finding System
  • Brand Guidelines
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