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Milk Network is a brand development firm that works in thought and action to create impactful and resilient brands, leaving a lasting impression on the world. As agents of change, Milk Network is dedicated to strengthening the creative economy and enriching the branding philosophy in the region. 

“The White Book”,  thoughtfully named, draws inspiration from Milk Network's core values. Just as Milk represents purity, nourishment, and growth, the name reflects our commitment to fostering a culture of growth, continuously nurturing our people. With a minimalist design philosophy at its core, it simply merges form and function. Its purpose is to introduce new team members to Milk Network's unique values, processes, and approach, while also serving as a reminder for existing team members. The sleek and contemporary NB international font chosen for the booklet not only enhances readability but also adds to its overall aesthetic appeal.

"Milkyway" is a purposefully crafted notebook exclusively designed for Milk Network, aimed at simplifying the lives of creatives. The name itself is a nod to both Milk Network and the beauty of the galaxy, symbolizing its role in inspiring and organizing creative ideas. This notebook serves as a creative companion, empowering the team to unlock their full potential and bring their visions to life within its pages.

"The White Book" and “Milkyway" showcase Milk Network's commitment to growth and development. With their minimalist design, these tools inspire creativity and enhances efficiency.

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