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Brand Relations Vs. Client Servicing

15 Jan. 2024
Insights & Reflection
Dina Dallal


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Ever since the introduction of our Brand Relations department, we have consistently encountered the same question: 

What sets you apart from the conventional client servicing departments?

This is indeed a valid question. However, let's take a step back and delve into the rationale behind the establishment of the "Brand Relations" department. Our Chief Operating Officer, Fadel Shaath, had a vision—a vision to revolutionize the way the market perceives the role of "Client Servicing" in general. 

At Milk, we don't simply serve "clients"; we cater to their brand's needs. Our approach is rooted in a brand-centric perspective. We embrace our role as consultants, striving to make a lasting impact and effect meaningful change.

When interacting with clients, we understand that what they truly desire and value is someone who treats their brand as if it were their very own. And that is precisely what we aim to deliver.

Members of our Brand Relations department possess a distinct set of personality traits, including a sense of ownership, problem-solving skills, forward-thinking mindset, proactive nature, and excellent communication abilities, to name a few.

To summarize, we firmly believe that the work carried out by our team at Milk Network goes beyond the realm of traditional client servicing. We are consultants, experts, owners of brands and projects, and our goal is to bring value to every single project we handle.

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