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Milk X SCOT — Changing Perception Through Branding

2 Jul. 2023
Ayman Al Somali
Haya Al Jamal



The Saudi Center for Organ Transplantation (SCOT) is the official authority overseeing organ donation and transplantation in the Kingdom. SCOT provides support to donors and their families and ensures that all donation and transplantation activities in Saudi Arabia meet the highest standards.

Given the sensitive nature of the field, SCOT operates within a context where different opinions exist due to various cultural beliefs and religious considerations. The goal is to humanize the sector and foster greater acceptance, as organ transplantation has the noble intention of positively transforming lives.

In collaboration with SCOT, Milk Network will undertake a comprehensive branding project from Strategy to Design. It will start with a comprehensive branding workshop, where Milk Network will gather insights about the industry, explore successful cases, understand the challenges faced by SCOT in serving beneficiaries, and envision a future that aligns with the country's transformation efforts, promoting health and well-being across Saudi Arabia.

Milk Network will develop a robust brand strategy for SCOT that will be used as a foundational guide in the creation of the brand identity and visual system moving forward.

We are excited to be part of the growth and success of SCOT as one the main pillars in the Kingdom that contribute to improving people's health and well-being. Through effective branding, we aim to enhance SCOT's image, spreading positive messages and aligning it with the aspirations and progressive mindset of the country and its leaders.

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