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We Grow Together — A Journey of Growth From Jeddah to the World

22 Jan. 2024
Nouf Yamani


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Milk Network was founded on the idea that success is not something that can be achieved alone. We believe that the best way to succeed is by working, thinking, learning, and moving forward together, and that's why we've made collaboration a core part of our culture. We've seen firsthand how powerful it can be when a team of talented individuals come together to solve a problem, develop a solution, or achieve a goal. 

Ever since we started in Jeddah back in 2012, our goal was to leave a distinctive mark on the design industry. We have had the opportunity to work on so many exciting projects and successful brands. Over time, we have come to realize that this domain is more than just aesthetically pleasing visuals, it is all about understanding the target audiences, defining the market needs, uncovering opportunities and being able to link them all back to brands. Our belief and mindset mirror the essence of branding, which is a transformative process that can drive success and growth to people, businesses, and communities. And that in itself holds a power more than anything else. 

Grow by Milk: More Than a Positioning—A Philosophy of Nurturing Growth

Fadel Shaath | COO/ Director of Branding

Today, we proudly introduce ourselves through our new website as a brand development firm that works in thought and action. We help brands grow and tell their stories to the world through both innovative and effective solutions. This digital evolution mirrors our commitment to continuous growth and a pursuit of excellence. 

As we proudly unveil our new website, we invite you to join us on this thrilling journey of growth, transformation, and positive change. Together, let's embark on this new chapter in our brand development journey, building brands that make a difference and resonate globally. Stay tuned for more updates and announcements as we collectively shape the future of brand development.

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