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Nana's Dramatic Delight


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Nana, a Saudi-based grocery delivery platform, underwent a complete rebranding exercise with the goal of strengthening its leadership position in the market and driving nationwide expansion. 


In response to the evolving landscape of online grocery delivery and the need to redefine its brand image, Nana embarked on a transformative journey. This case study explores the tactical campaign that propelled Nana beyond the confines of mundane grocery shopping, introducing a humorous and relevant approach to engage its audience.

Campaign Insight

The campaign, titled "نعناع شايل هم المقاضي" (Nana Takes Away Grocery Worries), tapped into the insight that grocery shopping is often perceived as a hassle, a drama in itself. Leveraging this insight, Nana aimed to dramatize these everyday hassles in a humorous and relatable manner, connecting with the audience on a personal level.

Scenarios and Storytelling

The campaign unfolded through a series of scenarios, each highlighting a relatable situation in the Saudi Arabian culture. From girls' night gatherings to guys going to the movies being interrupted, to the grandchild that keeps nagging his grandma for food, the narrative depicted exaggerated and dramatic moments, turning everyday grocery troubles into entertaining sagas. 

Nana, The Green Camel

The star of the campaign was Nana's mascot, "Nana, The Green Camel." This character, with its wit and charm, served as the voice of reason amid the grocery drama. The “Savior” actions of the camel provided a perfect counterpoint to the exaggerated scenarios, reinforcing Nana's brand essence as a "daily life companion."

Virality and Shareability

Designed with virality in mind, the campaign created a series of clips with locally relevant and exaggerated reactions from the characters. The intention was to encourage social sharing, turning the retorts into standalone reactions that resonated with the audience. The campaign aimed to make these clips shareable, contributing to increased brand visibility.

Content Strategy

Beyond the clips, the campaign extended into additional content on social media and within the Nana application. This content provided an opportunity to delve deeper into the values of each vertical – Nana, NanaHyper, and NanaExpress. Static visuals, carousels, and animations elaborated on the unique offerings of each vertical, offering a comprehensive view of the Nana ecosystem.


Nana's tactical campaign successfully transformed grocery shopping from a hassle into a delightful experience. The blend of humor, relatability, and a unique mascot contributed to increased brand recognition. 

By creating a series of timeless and contextless films, Nana set the stage for sustained engagement, driving users toward different verticals within the Nana ecosystem. This tactical campaign not only addressed the immediate need to capture attention but also laid the foundation for ongoing brand communication and expansion within Saudi Arabia and the wider GCC.

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