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Tawuniya Mobility Ecosystem


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The Company for Cooperative Insurance (Tawuniya) is a Saudi Joint Stock Company, and it was incorporated on January 18, 1986. Tawuniya is the first national insurance company licensed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to practice all types of insurance business in accordance with the cooperative insurance principle that is accepted by Islamic Sharyia. As the first license in the insurance sector under the Cooperative Insurance Companies Control Law. The company is also regulated and supervised by SAMA.

Tawuniya provides its customers with more than 60 types of insurance including medical, motor, fire, property, engineering, casualty, marine, aviation, Takaful, liability insurance, and many other types of insurance. Through its 37 years of experience, the company has been able to enhance its competitive advantages and quality of services to become the first choice for all insurance customer segments in Saudi Arabia.


Milk Network collaborates with Tawuniya to launch a campaign for their mobility ecosystem through Tawuniys’a App. The mobility ecosystem includes more than 10 services that support a 360 expereince when it come to owning a car.

Starting with getting a license, to purchasing a car, insuring it, it and selling it. In addition to an access to the “Drive” App that offers you  multiple rewards for driving safe. All can be done through Tawuniya’s App which offers you all your car needs, through a click of a button.

The key objective is to deliver all of the services and products through a single message that is both informative and entertaining.

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The Solution

It all starts with the ease of life after using Tawuniya’s App which offers a complete ecosystem for all your car needs. This is conveyed through a visual element that is relevant to the target audience when it comes to expressing comfort - the couch. However, Tawuniya’s couch is a unique one. As we access the App, our comfortable living room couch transforms to a digital device couch that takes us into the Tawuniya verse.

In the synopsis, Dareen, the hero, is excited about driving, yet discouraged by the complexity of the journey. Wejdan, the hero’s friend has the solution that is Tawuniya’s App. Once she introduces the App, the couch transforms into a unique digital device that flies out of their home into the verse of services that Tawuniya offers. We see the different stations that offer Dareen all of her mobility needs, starting from driving school to secure her lisence, to purchasing her car, insuring it and enjoying her Drive rewards from coffee to car washes.

The fast-paced Ad did not miss on any key points to be conveyed regarding the ecosystem; associated with a choice of music that conveys excitement as well as swiftness. Using light inserts that elevated the humor of the copy, the result was a highly artistic Ad that combines high entertainment value with the simplicity of a clear message - خدمات السيارات .. تراها سهالات

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What we did

A strategically crafted informative & entertaining Ad

  • Campaign Strategy
  • Creative Concept
  • Script and Storyboard
  • Key Visuals
  • Production Supervision
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