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Environmental Branding & Way Finding System




Ministry of Culture



Project Overview:

Milk Network collaborates with the Saudi Ministry of Culture (MoC) to undertake a transformative project aimed at revamping its office branding and navigation system across multiple locations within KSA. The primary objective is to establish a unified and cohesive visual identity that authentically reflects MoC's values, while also facilitating efficient navigation for both employees and visitors.


The evident lack of consistency in MoC's office branding, commissions, and departments is leading to team confusion and hindering the establishment of a unified organizational image. Furthermore, the absence of a clear navigation system causes difficulties for individuals in locating specific areas within the premises, resulting in inefficiency and frustration. Moreover, MoC aims to incorporate cultural elements into its office spaces that resonate with its diverse workforce and visitors, thereby adding complexity to the project.


Milk Network unveils three distinct concepts that authentically reflect MoC's brand identity while considering the unique characteristics of each commission and department. These concepts seamlessly integrate creative art direction, captivating wall treatments, and interactive elements, transforming the office environment and fostering increased employee productivity. Supported by extensive research, including site visits and employee surveys, these groundbreaking solutions address MoC's needs and align with the dynamics of its office.

In addition to the revolutionary environmental branding solutions, Milk Network introduces a dynamic way-finding signage system designed for easy implementation across all MoC offices. This forward-thinking system is custom-built to accommodate future expansion plans, ensuring scalability and flexibility. Ingeniously blending aesthetic features with practical functionality, creative landmarks strategically punctuate the office spaces, serving as visually striking guides for visitors and elevating the overall memorability of the premises.

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